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As of August 2024, Shopware 5 support will start through safefive. After the end-of-life of Shopware 5, we offer security updates and compatibility patches as an official Shopware partner to provide all store owners with an ideal migration phase

We offer a wide range of services to make running your online store safer for you – and shopping safer for your customers. Our main focus is on security and compatibility patches. This way, we ensure that your Shopware 5 will continue to run securely and be technologically up-to-date in the future. In addition, we inform you about current developments around the topic of “security in the eCommerce sector”, such as changes to data protection laws or processes and expectations of payment and credit card service providers.

From our experience with Magento 1, we can report that there will be security patches about 4-6 times per year. The rarer the better. Because this means: we have neither discovered security vulnerabilities in our simulated attacks, nor have we been notified of any anomalies by our partners. Experience shows that more gaps are found in the beginning. The frequency of patches decreases over time, as the code is no longer changed. You are welcome to think of us as a kind of good insurance. If you need us, we are there for you!

The difference is quickly explained. When we patch a security vulnerability, the stored customer data was not sufficiently protected before. Compatibility patches are there to make Shopware 5 run on newer technologies, such as MySQL 8 or PHP 8. This is important because MySQL, PHP and Apache only provide security updates for current versions in the medium term – and security is only guaranteed if both the application and the underlying software such as MySQL and Apache are secure.

We will start in two phases. To ensure an uninterrupted transition, the first phase starts before the end-of-life date. We are already setting up our system and looking forward to welcoming you as a customer. On 7/31/2024 the official support for Shopware 5 by Shopware AG will end. Starting that day, we will take over and deliver security and compatibility patches – read more under “What is part of safefive’s offer”

We have given a lot of thought to what a fair pricing model might look like. Our decision for revenue-based pricing is due in particular to the fact that we come from the community and would like to give something back. We know about the challenges of the different store operators and would like to offer our service equally to small, medium and large companies at feasible conditions. You can find our detailed price list at: safefive – Prices

Good question! What is processed in Shopware counts as net turnover. In simple terms – if the recipient is created in Shopware, the generated revenue is counted towards sales. If you have ebay and/or Amazon connected and processing orders through Shopware, that revenue is included. The same applies if you run a B2B store and only send offers while the contract acceptance is then handled by your sales or ERP system. These revenues also count as sales. Exceptions are e.g. credit notes and cancellations, since these are not booked as revenue by you.

We do not offer our own bug fixes. However for small or larger problems as well as system adjustments of any kind, we can recommend specialists from our large partner network

Yes! In consultation and with the support of Shopware we can offer our Long-Term-Support for all editions of Shopware 5.

The system requirements are identical to those of your current Shopware version. However, please note that MySQL, PHP and Elasticsearch etc. are also subject to a release cycle and can thus also be end-of-life. Therefore, it is always recommended to use an up-to-date stack of software components.

We pay a bounty for each vulnerability found in Shopware 5. The more critical the vulnerability, the higher the bounty. Security holes are traded on the black market. Even though we may not be able to prevent information about possible vulnerabilities from ending up there, we can ensure that your system is protected from possible attacks with the help of a patch. Even if a bot is built tomorrow that automatically attacks all systems, you will be “safe”.

safefive offers a Shopware 5 plugin for download. You will receive this plugin after concluding your contract in your customer portal. Afterwards, please install this plugin in your Shopware 5 store via the plugin manager. The plugin manager is located in the settings menu. Via the button “+ Upload Plugin” the plugin file can be uploaded. New versions of this plugin must also be installed there regularly in the same way.

safefive maintains a BugBounty program. This way we offer programmers a financial incentive to report security vulnerabilities instead of selling them on the black market. In addition, the operation of the platform and the development of patches must also be financially secured.

You can count on our service for 5 years starting August 2024. We will regularly inform you about planned extensions of our offer.

The cost of safefive is calculated per production deployed instance. Local development systems and test systems are excluded from this count and can be operated free of charge at any time.

If your turnover changes, you can easily enter this yourself in your customer portal. To do this, select the active contract for which you want to adjust the turnover. Then enter the new turnover and press save. Our system will then guide you step by step through the necessary adjustments.

PCI-DSS, the Payment Card Industry Security Standard regulates the requirements under which credit card payments may be offered. An important core of this is the regular updating of the store software. With safefive, an effective component of the PCI-DSS criteria can be achieved here.

safefive cares for your discontinued Shopware 5 shop 
Starting August 2024
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