Why safefive safefive offers Long Term Support (LTS) for Shopware 5!

Who is safefive suitable for?
What does safefive offer and who is behind it?

There are many good reasons to keep a store up-to-date and secure. One of them is: hackers rarely sleep and attacks on store systems have been increasing for years. The target of these attacks is the sensitive personal data of your customers stored in the store systems. These must be protected at all costs. Security patches close attack gaps.

The advantages of safefive

More time for your relaunch thanks to Long Term Support with safefive

You have more time to complete your relaunch or migration in peace because your store is protected in the best possible way during this time.

More time for your agency

Agencies only have limited resources. In order for them to do high-quality work and meet timelines, some projects can start later. In the waiting time you can protect your store optimally.

More time for Shopware and plugin providers

If you are waiting for some features that are currently missing from Shopware 6 to be implemented, you can use safefive to keep your Shopware 5 store running safely until then.


PCI/DSS is a standard designed to prevent fraud in credit card payments. One component of this standard is that the software is always kept up to date and current without delay.

Hacker attacks are on the rise

According to the BSI, cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and are rising in number. https://www.bsi.bund.de/SharedDocs/Downloads/DE/BSI/Publikationen/Lageberichte/Lagebericht2020.pdf?__blob=publicationFile&v=2

The end of PHP and MySQL versions

The PHP programming language used by Shopware 5 also has life cycles https://www.php.net/supported-versions.php. For example, official support for PHP version 7.3 already ended and support for PHP 7.4 will also end in November 2022, so it is important to support new PHP versions.

We founded safefive because we have been living in the eCommerce universe for so long and security is just something we’re good at.
Fabian Blechschmidt, Founder safefive

What does safefive offer?

Security updates

safefive offers a security plugin that allows you to close security vulnerabilities as soon as they become known.

Compatibility updates

Shopware 5 remains compatible with new PHP or MySQL versions. These components also change and have new versions to which Shopware must be adapted.

Bug Bounty Program

safefive offers a Bug Bounty program and gives out bonuses for finding security vulnerabilities. Learn more: FAQ “What is a Bug Bounty Program?

Active search for security vulnerabilities

safefive actively searches for security vulnerabilities and tests attack scenarios.

Information about current security issues

safefive actively informs you when new security problems occur.

Information about legally relevant security issues

safefive informs you as soon as there are new regulations on legally relevant security topics.

Warnings about the end of life of software in use

safefive informs you about the end of life of technologies used by Shopware 5, such as PHP or MySQL versions.

Support from Germany

Our support staff is based in Germany and is specially trained.

Standards and tests

safefive operates an extensive test system to ensure that changes to the program code continue to enable stable store operation.

At least 5 years of support

Safefive will continue to support Shopware 5 for at least 5 years. If there is still sufficient demand after that, the extension will be announced in time.

safefive provides you with more time for migration if external conditions such as a lack of personnel/financial resources or the absence of necessary features do not allow an immediate changeover.
Rico Neitzel, Founder safefive

Who is behind safefive?

A company from Germany

safefive is part of Paddox GmbH, founded in 2019 to extend eCommerce software whose support is discontinued by the manufacturer.

Experience in eCommerce

The founders of safefive each have more than 15 years of experience in eCommerce.

Experience with Long Term Support (LTS)

The company behind safefive already supported Magento 1 customers with mage one and has been offering security and compatibility patches with the project since 2020.

Shopware experience

The founders of safefive all have experience working with Shopware

Exclusive Shopware Partner

safefive is supported and recommended by Shopware itself. The two companies work closely together to provide Shopware 5 customers with the best possible solution for the time leading up to the relaunch.

Strong networking in the community

The founders of safefive are in close contact with the community and also organize community events such as the Shopware Community Unconference (SCUC) (Shopware Community UnConference)

Strong partner network

safefive works closely with partners from different disciplines and thus operates an “early warning system” for the occurrence of security problems.

Security means vigilance and diligence but above all a lot of active searching for problems before others can find them.
Carmen Bremen, Founder safefive
safefive cares for your discontinued Shopware 5 shop 
Starting August 2024
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